I’m Letizia, the younger twin healer that has always had a passion for holistic and preventive medicine. Years ago I discovered Ayurveda and I quickly fell in love with it. This ancient healing system invited me to experience a personal healing journey by getting to know myself in a deeper level and learning the art of living in balance.  


Ayurveda is a truly holistic medicine that  invited me to live with awareness by listening to my body, quieting my mind, processing my emotions and experiences in life. I became more mindful of all the choices that I make everyday to nourish my mind and body. By adopting a new lifestyle I discover the power of daily routines to establish balance that have give me sustainable health.

Ayurveda remind me that nature is the ultimate healer and consciousness is the key for our evolution.

Also, Ayurveda awaken myself to compassion, acceptance, gratitude and unconditional love to others by becoming aware of the root of their suffering in their bodies, emotions, thoughts, and actions for truly healing.


I found joy by inspiring others and sharing the wisdom of life and its secrets. With my training in Ayurveda I became passionate about alternative and preventive medicine. I’m also a licensed Esthetician and massage therapist by the state of Florida and Illinois. Also I am certified in Reiki energy work. Dedicated to my holistic living I’m studying a doctor’s degree in Ayurveda. My vision is to create a harmony between the traditional medical systems from the east with the allopathic medicine from the west, bringing the ancient wisdom to the modern life.  My life purpose is to inspire individual, community and global self-healing to create a positive impact in today’s health care with a prevention approach and self love. 

My Connection with Ayurveda 

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