Our History

One of our dreams became true in 2012. We opened our first business Azul Holistic Spa and Wellness Center in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago.


Our work and dedication were recognized by several businesses and entrepreneurship organizations. We were nominated as the Latina entrepreneurs of the year in 2014 by Chicago Latino Network, Azul won the award for one of the best Latino businesses by Reflections magazine, and was named one of the 10 best spas in Chicago by Savvy Savvy. We were recognized for being one of the 40 successful Latinas under 40. We had many TV and radio interviews and appeared on magazine covers such as Latina Style, Business Now, Reflejos magazine, Ocean drive and Miami Luxury.


In 2014, we acquired our second location in the River North neighborhood of Chicago.


In 2015, we moved to Miami Beach to open our third location on millionaires row.

We were very happy to see our businesses growing and succeed after we gave so much to them, all of our energies, time and love but we forgot to take care of ourselves. We worked every day without a day off for months, 12 hours or more a day, we did not eat at our hours or skip meals, we did not rest enough and we only slept a few hours at night. We were stressed and anxious all the time for all of the responsibilities that had an impact on our health and our businesses.


At Azul Wellness Centers we were dedicated to helping people to promote health, relaxation and tranquility but these was something that we lacked in our lives.


We had three businesses but not much profit because the money we made was to pay our bills. Many people think that when you are an entrepreneur or business owner you make a lot of money, but once you open your own business you will realize that this might not be true. The first years of a small business is all about surviving investing your time, your energies and your money.



In July 2016, we had a problem with the lease in Chicago and a large increase in our rent that we weren’t able to continue paying so we had to close our business.

In July 2017, exactly one year to the day that we closed in Chicago, the beach resort where our business in Miami was located caught on fire due to an electrical issue in the hotel. This incident left the building without electricity, and we were not able to operate.  We were told four months after that the building would be demolished.


Everything we built for more than 5 years, disappeared in just one year. Not only did we lose our business but we were also left with a large debt for the loans we acquired, leading us to a financial crisis.


We went through a period of depression, stress and a chronic fatigue accumulated by all the hard work that we stopped at the hospital. Doctors  recommended absolute rest and for several weeks we could not even get out of bed.


We hit rock bottom! We are sure that many of us have a similar story to share in many situations in our lives.

It is here where Yoga and Ayurveda helped us to process this situation with philosophy, giving us peace and harmony in the middle of the chaos. They helped us to recover our energy, our personal power and our health to overcome this adversity.

We believe that the universe gave us a break to wake up and take responsibility about our health. An opportunity to create consciousness to appreciate the most valuable resource of life, our energy and health. Nowadays we understand that our Health is our real wealth and our peace of mind is our happiness.

These sister healing sciences transformed our lives by providing calm and changing our perspective of the situation. They changed our blurred lenses that we see life with other clear lenses of love and trust. We see chaos as an opportunity to grow and be the best version of ourselves. We are grateful every day for our health, peace of mind and this positive attitude give us lots of happiness.

Through this difficult time in our lives we were able to find our balance, know our essence, connect with ourselves and discover our purpose in life- serve as guides to find harmony and vitality through the sister healing sciences, Yoga and  Ayurveda.


Our gift to you is to share this sacred knowledge of healing through Yoga and Ayurveda, and to guide you in your personal journey of transformation and create balance in your life to live healthy and happy forever.

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