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My connection with Ayurveda

I am Letizia, and it is important to me to comment that we grew up in a family that embrace holistic medicine, I remember that our parents were always in constant search of natural therapies for the cure of their illnesses. For that reason, I was pleased to discover when in 2012 Silvia and I created Azul Holistic Spa & Wellness Center in the city of Chicago, that is when my journey to self-healing started. We were surrounded by a team of people with different knowledge of healing therapies, that experience allowed us to discover that there are many variety of natural therapies to prevent and correct many diseases.

In 2013, a person who came from England joined our Azul team of healers. She attracted my attention for many qualities that made her very special and unique. She was a very balanced person, quiet in her speech and peaceful personality . Her life story was amazing, she was a cancer survivor at the age of 26 years old and her cure is attributed to Ayurveda Medicine, that prompted her to start a healthy lifestyle. For example, he had precise hours to eat and the quality of his food was very fresh, natural and organic. Every day she handled a special routine from morning until her time of sleep to what she called "the wellness ritual". In short, all her information generated a great desire for me to learn more about Ayurveda.

Shortly after moving to the city of Miami, Florida, I decided to start my studies in Ayurvedic medicine, and it was since then that my life was transformed. Once I was discovering and entering the principles of this holistic medicine, everything started to make sense. I started initially with my self-healing, connecting with my body and my mind to discover my nature and find my balance.

During my Ayurveda studies, I remember very well a talk with one of my classmates, where I was fascinated and appreciated the knowledge acquired. One day after class she approached me, looked into my eyes and said: "Ayurveda does not come to your life by coincidence; Ayurveda chooses you "and thus I feel, chosen and fortunate to be able to know all this ancestral wisdom where I learned to know and listen to my body, to live in balance and to value my health as the most precious treasure.

My life before Ayurveda was very different. My business absorbed most of my time and my energy. I used to be a person who constantly and easily got sick with flu, I took drugs to calm the symptoms, but the disease was still there for weeks. It was difficult for me to wake up every morning and get out of bed, I felt tired for the most of the day. Sometimes I had an appetite to eat and other times I did not even remember to eat. My life was very busy and messy.

Emotionally I was very anxious in times of stress, I thought it was normal to feel fearful about the future, because that's how I always was. I also could not understand why it was difficult for me to finish something that had already started, because it made it difficult for me to focus. I considered myself a very distracted person and my memory was very short.

When I started studying Ayurveda I began to know my body and its functions in depth, my unique nature, my personality, emotions and my interaction with the environment. Little by little, with the knowledge I learned, I began to identify bad habits that I had been dragging for a long time. I recognized that I could get sick and identify the tendency of the diseases to develop if I continued with my poor lifestyle. I learned that our health can not be separated from what we eat, do and think. I became responsible for my health by listening to my body, creating healthy habits, nourishing myself and taking care of my digestion and healthy elimination.

This information was a gift that has transformed me and made me find happiness. I have never felt so good as I feel now and those who love me notice it. I can say that Ayurveda has awakened the best version of myself and I have learned to love and respect my body as a sacred temple. Ayurveda offers the best of me and so I can provide the best abroad. This is how I learned that to heal others and the world you have to start healing yourself.


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