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My Journey to Yoga

I am Silvia, Letizia’s twin sister and the Yogi Twin, better known as "SuperYogi" and I want to share with you how Yoga can transform your life in the same way that it has transformed mine. I invite you to discover all the wonderful things that exist within you on this path to your essence. To wake up those virtues that are often asleep, and achieve peace and happiness at any stage of your life.

Yoga has been my passion for almost twenty years and with whom I want to live forever. This practice has transformed my life in a very positive way because it has helped me find my truth. It has awakened my level of consciousness and peace and has helped me to connect with my essence to discover the light that makes me shine.

Yoga came to my life at my perfect moment at the age of 16 when I was most disconnected from myself. I was in a stage of confusion and rebellion like any teenager who meets many questions towards life. From very young my sister Letizia and I took ballet classes every afternoon after school. At the age of 13 we started dancing flamenco, because it seemed like a dance with a lot of passion, energetic and elegant. Thus, for many years we grew up with a sense of need to move and understand our body with an artistic touch. I also found yoga thinking that it was just a physical practice, that it would help me to stretch my body, but I discovered with the passage of time all the benefits that it brings to my body and my soul. I feel fortunate to find yoga at an early age, because it has helped me to connect with my essence and live with a philosophy of life.

I remember my first day of yoga class, that same moment I felt a connection with this practice. I did not know anything about this practice, it was a surprise for me knowing that it involved the mind, the body and the soul. In the classes I met several people, yogis who had a special brightness by the way they behaved, talked and thought and I found their serenity fascinating. My classes were incredible, my teacher introduced me to yoga in a very special way, she was a very important vehicle that led me to know myself. Over time I have been discovering all the benefits of yoga practice, and how it has transformed my life.

Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a lifestyle. Yoga heals my body and my soul. It helps me to be present in a way I had never been before, without worrying so much about the future, or sad about the past, but it allows me to live in this moment. He has accompanied me in the greatest trajectory of my life, providing light at every stage. It has also allowed me to trust my intuition to find what is best for me. Yoga inspires me to be the best version of myself.

As a complement, a few years ago Ayurveda came to my life through my sister Letizia. As a twin of Yoga, Ayurveda has complemented my life. With this holistic medicine I have learned to know my body and my nature. Since the discovery of Ayurveda, everything makes sense to me. I know when I am in an imbalance and I begin to look for the causes and the way to return to my balance. With Twin Healers, Yoga and Ayurveda I have found the path that leads me to my physical and mental healing.


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